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About Us

We aim to provide a competitive platform that couples a great experince with convenience

1 - The Platform

The Platform

2 - The Problems We Want To Solve

The Problems We Want To Solve

3 - The Solution

The Solution

The Platform

TransferX has a vision to become the first blockchain driven Financial Service Platform for unbanked customers within developing regions. Our platform will create a marketplace for capital investment with a roadmap that will include services like;

  • *Remittance (Initial Phase)
  • *P2P Payments
  • *Loans
  • *Investment
  • *Crypto-Currency Access
  • *Plus more

The Problems We Want To Solve

The current consumer market is dominated by providers who require customers to travel to physical store location to remit and receive funds.

These same providers are hitting customers with high fees since their business models are using agent based remittance.

So not only are customers inconvenienced in terms of service access, but they have to just deal with the large fees, which in turn takes away from the amount the recipients receives and as we know every pound counts in most of these regions.

A True End-2-End Digital Solution

We have made “Customer Convenience” the bed rock of our core principles. By simplifying the money transfer process to allow electronic transactions to flow in an encrypted and secure environment from sender to receiver, we remove the limitations previously imposed by other providers and now;

Customers will able to send & receive funds using electronic means without having to travel to a physical store. Thus, TransferX can deliver a 24/7 uninterrupted service for fast and safe money transfers.

Transactions fees are significantly reduced since our business model isn't set to relay on agent stores, hence saving us revenue and allowing us to charge lower fees.


Learn more about this feature packed App

Connect Account

Add a card in 4 steps.

Automated Payment

Setup repeat transfers.

Competitive Rates

Our aim is to continually improve our rates to remain comptetitve thus allowing you to get more money across.

Recipient List

Easily access your recipients.

Favourite Recipients

Send to favourites quick & fast.

Mobile Based

Easily make transfers from your very own comfort via our mobile app.
Send screen

No Agents = Lower Fees

We don't operate any high street agent and thus can afford to not charge you any extra fees.

Live Rates

Up to date rates.

Transfer History

Checking history is at a tap.

24/7 Access

Because we are mobile centric, you can use our platform at any time you need.

Security is Key

Feel secure when sending with us.

Live Support

Chat with us in App for help.

And much more!

Wait and see.


See what’s included in the App

Welcome screen


Send Money screen

Send Money

Activity screen


Recipients screen


Core Team

Meet the great talent we have

Windsor Kitaka

Windsor Kitaka


Chuan Qin

Chuan Qin

Full Stack Developer

Ekrem Karatas

Ekrem Karatas

Full Stack Developer

Evan Pappas

Evan Pappas


Paulo Chaves

Paulo Chaves

Full Stack Developer

Sergey Milewski

Sergey Milewski

Android Developer

Andrew Twesigye

Andrew Twesigye

Branding/Marketing Strategist

Contact Us

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